Light Red Meranti

There is a wide variation in the strength properties of the various meranti and red seraya due to the differences in density and the number of species involved. Large, over-mature logs are frequently spongy in the heart, the wood in these areas being weak and brittle. Despite the fact that the best type of light red meranti is almost equal in strength to the weakest type of dark red meranti, there is nevertheless on average, a distinct difference in mechanical properties.

Light red meranti is almost equal to oak in strength properties, but oak is much harder, while Scots pine has only about 75 percent of the general strength of light red meranti. White and yellow meranti are reported to have similar, properties to those of American mahogany, but with lower resistance to splitting in the tangential plane in the case of white meranti.

Wood Type : Hardwood
Texture : Medium
Durability : Slightly durable
Availability : Available at specialist timber merchant



Physical Properties:- The porosity of this timber is varied, it has high compressive strength and is durable in nature.

Wood Type Hardwood Texture Coarse texture and low natural luster
Durability Moderately-durable to non-durable Availability Meranti is widely harvested and available worldwide
Treatability Easy to work Price Moderately priced
Moisture Movement Small Use(s) Plywood, interior furniture, general construction, concrete forms, veneer, and boatbuilding.
Density (mean, Kg/m³) 675 (Density can vary by 20% or more) Colour(s) Dark reddish or purplish brown; commonly with white resin streaks present.

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