Dark Red Meranti

Light red meranti is a tropical rainforest species found throughout South East Asia and the southwest Pacific islands, including the Philippines, Indonesia, and East Malaysia. The timber’s heartwood ranges from pink to pinkish-brown. The sapwood is sometimes lighter than the heartwood, but differentiation cannot always be made. The grain is moderately coarse but even in texture with quarter sawn material sometimes displaying an attractive ribbon figure. Growth rings are absent and rays are medium to fine. Light red meranti is a softer wood and not resistant to termites.

The timber can be painted, stained, or polished but the open grain means surfaces should be filled before finishing. This species also machines well to a smooth surface and takes standard fittings and fastenings easily. It is commonly used for decorative applications including paneling, flooring, joinery, moldings, plywood, and turnery.  It is regularly sought after for furniture and carving as well. The porosity of this timber is varied, it has high compressive strength and is durable in nature.



Physical Properties:- The porosity of this timber is varied, it has high compressive strength and is durable in nature.

Wood Type Hardwood Texture Coarse texture and low natural luster
Durability Moderately-durable to non-durable Availability Meranti is widely harvested and available worldwide
Treatability Easy to work Price Moderately priced
Moisture Movement Small Use(s) Plywood, interior furniture, general construction, concrete forms, veneer, and boatbuilding.
Density (mean, Kg/m³) 675 (Density can vary by 20% or more) Colour(s) Dark reddish or purplish brown; commonly with white resin streaks present.

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